Paper box factory and Corrugated box


The experience of CEO in the packing industry more than 42 years of Hong Thai Packing Company or well known as “Hong Thai” with the professional team in individual ways and success in packaging design and produce carton boxes, corrugated, offset box, vegetable box, fruits box and all kind of corrugated boxes.

Hong Thai also produce paper mills for bumping protection (PULP MOLD), eggs tray, pallet paper and paper cups.

Hong Thai mainly focus on standard of packaging and quality, In the future our target will be the international paper specification and production line expert. Hong Thai concern the improvement and developing professional team to serve to all kind of customers.

Company founded year1988
Factory area40 Rai
Production capacity4,000Tons / month

Our company profile

Vision CEO

Our Service of Hong Thai

Client brief and Online ordering

ERP system best program in the world that “Hong Thai” current using and adapted to used inside factory systems that can be supported customer needs very fast and easy through high secure server that storage all information and easy to find or explore.

Packaging Design

Design of Packaging All in one process from programing design that “Hong Thai” bought this technology from Norway named “Artios” combine with digital printer (UV DIGITAL FLAT BED) from FUJI company these machines can supported “Hong Thai” to develop and design packaging or carton box with printing color CMYK color + white within a second by control the color shade and mixed (Substrate) automatically.

Printing and Finishing

“Hong Thai” is one of the varieties printing system in South East Asia worked with printing system such as offset 6 colors with coating and FLEXO graphic , Pre-printing 4 colors and “Hong Thai” do supported small amount of order for one time buyer with (UV DIGITAL) printing machine with 4 colors supported. Also “Hong Thai” have 14 types of “Die cut” machines.

On Time Delivery

Real time planning “Hong Thai” system and our design team can grantee the customer to get their goods on time.

Our work standards

    • Prevention of Child Labour and No Forced and Bonded Labour

      We have a policy not to use child labor under 15 years or no slave labor. We also have a fair wage payment. Equal care for employees There is no exclusion of gender, religion or age.

    • Anti Corruption Anti briery

      Our company is the main ethics of doing business such as Business Ethics policy against corrupt policies and bribery in various forms or giving gifts during festivals and so on.

    • Severe Environmental Pollution

      With a commitment to absolutely never release waste from the factory By trying to find a way to circulate back to use in the production process So as not to disturb the environment or disturb the environment to a minimum

    • Severe Health or Safety Hazards

      There is a standard for supervising safety or assessing work risks to the highest safety criteria. And always check the health of employees